Sig-Stations: High-Performance Workstation & Storage Systems for Signal Applications

Sig-Stations are high-performance PC workstations designed specifically for integrating Signatec/GaGe advanced instruments and maximizing their operational performance. These systems incorporate the latest in PC-based technology and utilize workstation/server class motherboards with multiple PCI Express (PCIe) bus interface options.

The multiple dedicated peer design of the PCIe buses ensure that the maximum data transfer rate is achieved for multiple Signatec/GaGe instrument board operations by reducing the number of devices competing for a bus's shared bandwidth.

Sig-Station systems also feature drive bay enclosures that provide the option to include integrated Data Storage Systems (DSS) that are specifically tailored for real-time data streaming recording applications that require a guaranteed continuous transfer rate with no missing data. Sustained data transfer rates and storage capacity are scalable, with sustained transfer rates up to 3.4 GB/s and storage capacity up to 192 TB.

Sig-Station systems come with all Signatec/GaGe boards, features, and software fully tested and installed so that the user can be up and running with their system solution right out of the box. Custom system configurations can also be defined to meet specific customer applications or requirements.

The ability to integrate Signatec/GaGe high-performance data acquisition, digital signal processing, signal generation, and data recording products all within a single unit provides the user with a complete and powerful turnkey system solution at the lowest possible price.

System form factors include:

Use our powerful software for manipulating Signatec/GaGe products at the board or system level. Software can be used to setup all hardware settings, record data from digitizers, recreate analog signals from arbitrary waveform generators, view large amounts of signal data, run DSP applications, and much more.

When you factor in all of Signatec/GaGe performance capabilities, and note the comparable low cost of our boards/systems, Signatec/GaGe delivers exceptional value for the high-speed signal technology community. We encourage you to contact us and discuss your application in more detail with one of our engineering teams. Signatec/GaGe can provide tailored custom hardware and software solutions to meet your specific application requirements.

Product Specifications

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