SYNC1500 - 1.5 GHz Clock/Trigger Driver PCIe x1 Board

The SYNC1500 was created to allow for both high board (or channel) count synchronized A/D and D/A systems as well as increased system scalability. With the SYNC1500 card module, synchronized channel record or playback systems are no longer bound to single chassis configurations and can span multiple chassis, which allows for significantly greater I/O and processing resources versus a single chassis system.

The SYNC1500 provides clock and trigger distribution for up to 5 data acquisition and arbitrary waveform generator boards. When utilized in conjunction with the Signatec PX1500-4 for example, a system can be mechanized incorporating up to 20 channels of fully synchronized, very high-speed data acquisition.

The SYNC1500 board is designed for PC systems and utilizes a single lane PCI Express bus (PCIe) Gen1 interface. This PCIe Gen1 x1 interface is plug-in compatible with all PCIe lane configurations (x1, x4, x8 and x16).

An onboard frequency synthesized clock allows the output clock rate to be set to any value from 25 MHz to 1500 MHz, offering maximum flexibility for clock rate selection. The synthesized clock is locked to an onboard 10 MHz reference clock and is used in conjunction with the phase lock loop (PLL) to maintain the desired internal clock rate. An externally provided 10 MHz reference and/or an external clock input can also be selected.

Product Specifications

Product: SYNC1500 Full Data Sheet
Update: Revision 2.0 - 07/27/2015
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Input Signal Connections
     Trigger: MMCX (miniature RF)
     Clock: MMCX
Output Signal Connections
     Clocks (5): MMCX
     Triggers (5): MMCX
     Sync Pulses (5): MMCX
Trigger Input
     Signal Type: Digital, TTL Level
     Impedance: 200 ohms
     Active Edge: Positive
Clock Input
     Signal Type: Analog or Digital
     Coupling: AC
     Impedance: 50 ohms
     Frequency: 10 MHz to 1500 MHz
     Amplitude: 800 mV p-p (-200/+700)
Internal Synthesized Clock
     Frequency Range: 25-1500 MHz
     Resolution: better than 62.5 PPM
     Accuracy: better than 5 PPM
Reference Clock
     Internal: 10.0 MHz +/- 5 PPM
     External: 10.0 MHz +/- 50 PPM (required for lock)
Output Clocks
     Output Coupling: AC
     Required Termination: 50 ohms
     Amplitude: 800 mV p-p (typical)
Output Triggers
     Signal Type: LVPECL (+3.3V); for use with PX1500/PXDAC4800
LVTTL (+3.3V); for use with PX14400
     Required Termination: 50 ohms to +1.3V (LVPECL only)
Output Sync Pulses
     Signal Type: LVPECL (+3.3V)
     Required Termination: 50 ohms to +1.3V
Absolute Maximum Ratings
     Trigger Input: -0.2V to +3.5V
     Clock Input: 3 volts peak to peak
     Ambient Temperature: 0 to 50C