Real-Time FPGA DSP Development Kits

Signatec's FPGA DSP Firmware development kits are available as an option for either fixed real-time processing capabilities or for custom programming by the user.

FPGA processing packages with fixed capabilities for FFT, FIR Filtering, DDC real-time processing are available.

Programmable FPGA digitizers also allow for the option for customers to implement their own custom in-line signal processing. Each Signatec digitizer with an onboard customizable FPGA device provides a framework that allows users to create and load custom FPGA modules to process digital data from the acquisition circuits of the digitizer, and send the processed data to either the host system via PCI or to Signatec’s SAB bus.

FPGA processing packages that allow for custom programming includes a programmer's manual that provides detailed information needed to create and download user defined firmware for Signatec digitizers with customizable onboard FPGAs along with hooks and source code examples to simplify this task. Customers creating custom logic for Signatec's digitizers with onboard customizable FPGAs will require Xilinx ISE software version 10 or higher.