High-Speed Data Acquisition Software

PC-Based Oscilloscope & Spectrum Analyzer

Signatec’s PC-based oscilloscope and spectrum analyzer software allows for performing all system settings, viewing digital data (either captured or generated), performing signal recordings as well as the option for viewing data in either time domain or frequency domain.

Digitizer Scope Application

Signatec’s digitizer scope application software is installed as part of the standard digitizer software installation. The digitizer scope application is used to control one or more Signatec data acquisition digitizers with a virtual oscilloscope application that allows the operator to view or edit all digitizer hardware settings as well as record and display acquisition data.

FPGA Development Kits

Signatec's FPGA Firmware development kits are available as an option for either fixed real-time processing capabilities or for custom programming by the user. Programmable FPGA digitizers allow for the option for customers to implement their own custom in-line signal processing. Hooks and examples are provided to simplify this task in the available firmware development kits.

DAQ Drivers and Libraries

Signatec's standard digitizer software packages include, at no addtitional charge, a full product installation utility, product drivers for 32-bit/64-bit operating systems, a complete library of functions for developing user specific applications, and source code examples that illustrate how to use the function library for building applications.