Signatec Products & Services for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs)

What is an OEM?

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) are customers who incorporate one or more of Signatec's high speed digitizers, arbitrary waveform generators, or other instruments into their end product and resell the complete system to end-users. Please contact Signatec for more information on qualifications and application for membership in the Signatec OEM Program.

OEM Strategic Relationships

Signatec values our OEM customers and understand their needs to complete projects on time and within budget. With our reliable, high-quality products and support, our OEM customers gain valuable time-to-market and save tens of thousands of development dollars. Our knowledgeable support staff assists OEM customers through all product lifecycle stages from development to production. This OEM-friendly philosophy is why we have so many satisfied OEM customers around the world.

Signatec OEM Program

The Signatec OEM Program consists of two tier levels: Gold and Platinum

OEM Product Focus

Signatec designs and manufactures high-speed digitizers, arbitrary waveform generator cards, as well as Scope Application software and FPGA Development Kits. For OEM customers, we can provide customized functionality or a modified user interface to meet specific application requirements and specific application examples and customized SDKs to ensure harmonious operation of Signatec products with other instruments. Any of Signatec's products are eligible for OEM volume discount pricing.

Signatec has created several products specifically to meet our OEM customers' unique requirements for:

Why Select Signatec as an OEM Partner?

We encourage you to contact Signatec and discuss your potential OEM application in more detail with our engineering team.