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Delivering advanced system solutions since 1988, Signatec (a product brand of Vitrek, LLC) is a leading designer and manufacturer of high-speed, PC-based data acquisition, FPGA digital signal processing digitizers, continuous signal data recording and arbitrary signal generation systems. Signatec differentiates itself by being one of the only single-source suppliers that works with its customers to build affordable, real-time signal technology systems for advanced radar, SIGINT, ultrasound, imaging and other high-speed communications systems.

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Signatec is a proud member of the National Spectrum Consortium (NSC).

The NSC mission is to foster collaboration between Government, Industry and Academia to identify, develop and demonstrate the enabling technologies necessary to broaden the military and commercial access to and use of the electromagnetic spectrum.


Signatec and DynamicSignals are product brands of Vitrek, LLC. DynamicSignals is an ISO 9001:2015 certified organization, whose quality policy is:

"DynamicSignals is dedicated to meeting or exceeding our customers' expectations in quality, delivery, and cost through establishment of a comprehensive quality assurance system and a dedication to a continuous improvement program that allows us to meet all the requirements of the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System Standard."

DynamicSignals, a brand of Vitrek, LLC, has been certified in December 2020 by an independent auditing agency, Verisys Registrars, in meeting the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 certification in performing engineering, manufacturing and integration of data acquisition boards, digitizers, signal conditioners, and waveform generators into continuous signal data recording and arbitrary signal generation systems.

Certificate (click to view/download):

Vitrek, LLC ISO 9001:2015 Certificate

Effective 04/21/2014, DynamicSignals extended the standard product warranty for Signatec branded manufactured products to 2 years. Please refer to the DynamicSignals Standard Terms and Conditions of Sales for complete product limited warranty details.

High-Speed Data Acquisition (DAQ) and Signal Data Recording

Signatec's high-speed digitizers maximize the quality of captured wideband signals, in terms of signal-to-noise ratio and spurious-free dynamic range, over a very wide frequency bandwidth. What separates Signatec's digitizers from any other similar product in the industry is the ability to acquire and transfer data simultaneously with no breaks in the analog record at sustained high-speed data rates. Signatec systems can continuously record up to 2.8 GigaSamples per second (GSPS) of data through the PC to drive storage.

Signatec's high-speed digitizers are also designed with a master-slave operation feature that allows for connecting multiple digitizers to create a simultaneous multi-channel acquisition system. In master-slave operation, the master board drives the clock and trigger signals for the slave boards so that data on the slave boards align sample-for-sample with the data on the master board.

A SYNC1500-6 board can be added to provide clock, trigger and synchronization signals for up to six data acquisition boards, either within a single chassis or across multiple chassis, further expanding possible scaled rates and capacities. Signatec's digitizers are also capable of being operated remotely through a standard TCP/IP network connection.

Programmable FPGA Digitizers for In-Line DSP

Signatec's advanced digitizers now offer powerful, on-board FPGA processing capabilities for turnkey, real-time application solutions. Signatec's programmable FPGA digitizers allow customers to implement their own custom in-line signal processing with optional onboard FPGAs. Standard interfaces and examples are provided to simplify this task in the available Signatec firmware development kits for custom programming by the user. Or customers can simply choose to take advantage of Signatec's embedded real-time DSP capabilities for FFT, FIR filtering and DDC processing logic packages provided with our FPGA digitizers at no additional cost.

SIG-Series Recording Solutions with Real-Time DSP and Signal Generation Options

SIG-Series systems include real-time DSP and signal generation options with data acquisition recorders for a complete solution that combines performance features of oscilloscopes, spectrum analyzers and signal generators. SIG-Series systems feature capabilities to record and/or generate Terabytes of continuous, high-resolution signal data using turnkey analysis software with embedded or parallel real-time digital signal processing options. SIG-Series systems come complete with GUI-based software for performing all system settings, viewing digital data (either captured or generated), performing signal recordings and playbacks as well as the option for viewing data in either time domain or frequency domain.

Signatec's scalable real-time data acquisition, recording, signal processing and signal generation playback systems can be configured to meet the most demanding applications. This effective real-time system creation from otherwise non-real-time performance components is the real brilliance behind Signatec’s engineered system solutions and is what separates Signatec’s systems from other commercially available options.

DR-Series Recording Solutions

With ever-increasing performance features, PC workstations and server-class computer systems can serve as affordable, real-time recording systems. Signatec leverages the latest COTS computer components and engineers best-of-class waveform digitizers to stream data continuously to drive storage systems without any break in the analog record, and for a fraction of the cost of proprietary recording systems.

Multiple data acquisition boards can be integrated within a system, or across systems, to create synchronized, multi-channel acquisition systems with accommodations for large-bandwidth and high-resolution applications, along with an extremely large memory capacity.

Signatec's DR2800 signal recording system was created for developers of advanced SIGINT, radar and medical imaging applications. These systems continuously record up to 2.8 GigaSamples per second of data through the PC to drive storage without any break in the analog record.

Solid State Based Recording Solutions

Signatec's solid state recording systems utilize high-performance enterprise class solid state drives that maximize performance, reliability and lifetime duration. These solid state-based systems are designed for applications that require high-performance while minimizing power consumption and maximizing reliability in extreme environments.

The typical operating power average for solid state drives is 2.0 Watts versus the 8.2 - 12.2 Watts range for traditional SATA/SAS hard drives. In addition, the NAND flash-based architecture of solid state drives versus the spinning platters and mechanical heads architecture of traditional hard drives make solid state drives much more reliable, as they are not prone to mechanical failures and can operate in more extreme environments in terms of shock, temperature and operating altitudes. Solid state drives, with their NAND flash-based architecture, are also capable of sustaining much faster data rates per drive than traditional hard drives, thus providing the capability of sustaining high-speed recordings while utilizing fewer drives.

Mobile System Solutions

Signatec's EC14150 is the first digitizer for laptop-based systems. The EC14150 is a dual-channel waveform capture board that provides a remarkable combination of 150 MHz high speed and 14-bit high resolution sampling along with a very large memory capacity, all in a very compact, low power ExpressCard 54mm form factor.

At 4.0 to 4.5 Watts, the EC14150 represents one of the lowest power consuming digitizer cards ever created for its class. The AC-coupled version (EC14150A) allows for signal frequencies up to 200 MHz to be accurately captured either in baseband or in higher order Nyquist zones using under-sampling techniques. The DC-coupled version (EC14150D) allows for signal frequencies from DC to 75 MHz to be accurately captured. The EC14150 card is capable of sustaining 90 MegaSamples per second transfers over the ExpressCard/54 bus interface.

Signatec also provides portable systems capable of accommodating full length boards in addition to a high-speed integrated data storage system. These portable systems are available with standard or ruggedized chassis options in a variety of configurations and are designed to maximize the operational performance of Signatec products for demanding mobile applications.

Custom Development Services

Signatec offers comprehensive engineering design and development services to meet custom requirements for high-speed data acquisition, real-time digital signal processing, high-speed signal generation and performance-based system applications. Design services allow customers to utilize our highly skilled engineers with their expertise in high-speed signal technology design to implement custom application project requirements. Costs for design services vary, depending on the scope and nature of each project, as well as customer requirements. Contact us to discuss specific requirements for scheduling a design project tailored for your application.

Complimentary Software

Signatec products come with the following software at no charge:

In addition, future manual and software updates are available for download for registered users at no additional charge for the lifetime of the product.

Exceptional Value

When you factor in all of Signatec's performance capabilities, and note the comparable low cost of our boards/systems, Signatec delivers exceptional value for the high-speed signal technology community.

We encourage you to contact us and discuss your application in more detail with our engineering team. Signatec can provide tailored custom hardware and software solutions to meet your specific application needs.

We welcome your comments on our existing products or possible future products. Thank you for your interest in Signatec. We look forward to hearing from you in the near future.