Signal Technology for Communication Applications


Signal intelligence (SIGINT) systems require vast amounts of real-time processing capability.  Yet a paradoxical relationship exists between the need for advanced processing power and a marginally increasing, or stagnant, federal budget.  As a result, aerospace and defense communities place an ever increasing demand for quality, efficiency and affordability from commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) processing systems.

The Solution

Signatec's high-speed signal systems.  Signatec PCI-based products deliver industry-leading performance and market-leading affordability.

As stand alone products, the data acquisition signal waveform digitizer boards, with deep buffered onboard memory, are capable of acquiring or triggering on signals continuously without any break in the analog record and no data loss.  Simply add additional DAQ boards to create a simultaneous multi-channel acquisition system.

Signatec's real-time FPGA digital signal processing digitizers allow customers to implement their own custom in-line signal processing with optional onboard FPGAs. Standard interfaces and examples are provided to simplify this task in the available Signatec firmware development kits for custom programming by the user. Or customers can simply choose to take advantage of Signatec's embedded real-time DSP capabilities for FFT, FIR filtering and DDC processing logic packages provided with our FPGA digitizers at no additional cost.

Our next generation arbitrary signal waveform generator and playback DAC board provides four 14-bit/8-bit digital to analog conversion (DAC) channels to accurately produce output signal frequencies up to 1.2 GHz.

Combined as a fully integrated system, Signatec's real-time signal waveform recording products deliver the ability to continuously stream real-time data at rates up to 2.8 GB/s to any location within your PC system. The advanced high-speed communication systems you provide will deliver an unbeatable value proposition for your customers.

Use our powerful System Software for manipulating Signatec products at the board or at the system level.  System Software can be used to setup all hardware settings, record data from arbitrary data acquisition boards, recreate analog signals, view large amounts of signal data, run DSP applications, and much more.  In addition each Signatec product comes with the following software at no charge:

    ● Product installation software
    ● A complete Library of functions for developing user specific applications
    ● Source code examples that illustrate how to use the function library for building applications
    ● Diagnostic executable programs for verifying product functionality
    ● Signatec's Integrator software for application development and debugging (DSP Products only)

When you factor in all of Signatec's performance capabilities, and note the comparable low cost of our boards in relation to other products with lesser abilities, Signatec delivers exceptional value for a wide range of communication applications.  We encourage you to contact us and discuss your application in more detail with our engineering team.  Signatec can provide tailored custom hardware and software solutions to meet your specific application needs.

We welcome your comments on our existing products or possible future products.  Thank you for your interest in Signatec.  We look forward to hearing from you in the near future.